“Renters Have Talent”

Do renters have talent?  Renter Nation says we do and is on a quest to prove it.

Do you sing, dance, tell jokes, act, perform, excel at sports, or just like to be a “ham” and show off?  If you do then you sound like the perfect candidate to participate in Renter Nation’s Renters Have Talent nationwide talent search.

Do you rent?  Do you work in the multi-family industry?  Do you know someone who does?  Then why not get on board and upload your videos to Renters Have Talent and join the fun!

In announcing the program, Steve Crawford, Renter Nation’s Chief Operating Officer, said that Renters Have Talent is a great way for both individual renters and apartment communities to showcase resident talents.  “This is a fun way for apartment communities to hold their own talent shows and share the happy results with the world.  It’s also a great activity to encourage resident retention and at the same time get some free publicity for the sponsoring community,” he noted.

Mr. Crawford added that a participant “doesn’t need to be a superstar to get involved.  We want everyone to let their hair down and experience the fun. And who knows, maybe become famous in the process.”  He noted that the Renter Nation platform can reach a focused audience of more than 100 million residential renters.

Renter Nation’s CEO Bill Deegan noted that participation is easy.  “All a renter or community manager needs to do is click on the Renters Have Talent icon on the website’s home page and follow the easy steps to upload videos.  It only takes a minute.”

Renter Nation is the country’s only website by, for and about America’s more than 100 million residential renters.  Through the site’s blog, Twitter and Facebook postings, the group advocates not only for renters but for the multi-family industry and the renting lifestyle.  Renter Nation offers a full complement of services for renters including affiliations with providers of rental housing, shopping opportunities, careers, cars, discount coupons and many other services.

Mr. Deegan went on to add that “while we successfully advance renting as a sustainable lifestyle choice and promote positive images of renters in American culture, we’ve also been able to enhance everyone’s quality of life through the creation of the Renter Nation service platform.  Our mission is to provide entertainment, information and service to our large constituency – 100 million strong.

Bill Deegan

About Bill Deegan

Bill Deegan is the Founder and CEO of Renter Nation. He can be reached at bill.deegan@renternation.com
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