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Did you know that today there are more than 100 Million residential renters in the United States?

Comprised of 40 Million households, residential renters represent more than one-third of the total number of U.S. households.

With an average annual household income of over $45,000, the total buying power represented by tenants is $2 trillion annually.  60% of these are made up of people 44 years of age or younger.  That’s a prime demographic group with money to spend.

What’s more, renters largely avoided the housing debacle of the last several years.  Renters represent the “Great Unleveraged Class” unburdened by underwater home values and unsustainable mortgages.  Residential renters represent a truly outstanding opportunity for targeted marketing focus.

To address this opportunity, Renter Nation has created its Corporate Sponsorship Initiative.  As the country’s first and only nationwide renters’ advocacy team, Renter Nation is on the cutting edge of the Renters’ Revolution.  We offer our growing clout in the marketplace to deliver quality buyers to your business.  The Mission of Renter Nation is to enhance the quality of life for all residential renters.  Partner with us!  Demonstrate your support of this important demographic segment and build your customer base simultaneously.

Your company benefits by having direct, focused access to the purchasing power of a new source of financially unleveraged customers.  In addition, by becoming a sponsor of Renter Nation, you illustrate your commitment to tenants and recognize all renters as being an integral part of the “New American Dream.”

As a sponsor, you will be featured prominently on our informative and entertaining Renter Nation website.  You can use the Renter Nation logo on all your advertising to let America’s renters know that you support them and the New American Dream.  By showcasing your business on Renter Nation, you will have direct access to the more than 100 million Americans who rent their homes.  Our member constituents will know that you value them and consider them important to your company and to our country.

Start enjoying nationwide, targeted reach today for a fraction of alternative methods.

Call our CEO Bill Deegan today at 602.448.5484.

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